The Langton Arms Palm Trees White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies (Blondies) Peugeot The Canal by Dr D A C McNeil

Hints & Tips For December/January by David Greaves

A spot of gardening, even on the coldest and greyest of days, will lift your spirits, and warm you up!  The shorter days also make it more difficult for gardening as the daylight hours but there are still may jobs to continue with in the winter months 

Live Body Painting in aid of Rainbows

    Sunday 31st July 10.30am - 4.30pm (FREE entry)  Professional Body Painters & Models are being inspired by the creative minds ofRoald Dahl & Beatrix Potter Model Village at the Wistow Rural Centre, Kibworth Road, Wistow, Leics. LE8 0QF

Jack Nance, 1943-1996

  Jack Nance was born in Boston, Massachusetts of Irish ancestry and was raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from South Oak Cliff High School, and travelled throughout the country performing in children's theatre. For eight years, he performed with the 

The Life of The Robin

  The Life of the Robin, by leading ornithologist David Lack – reissued by Pallas Athene Publishers on 9th June, with 21 illustrations by Peter Gillmor – was first published in 1943 and quickly became a leading text in scientific circles and beyond The book was ground-breaking not only in its findin

Another First for Leicester!

We were invited recently to the opening night of the multi-sport simulator centre in Leicester. Not really knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised at the level of enthusiasm and excitement created on the night. 

Halva & Blackberry Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce

Serves 6 Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Note It is prudent for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the very young, pregnant or nursing mums or those recovering from illness to avoid eating raw eggs.  Ingredients 

Travel Insurance by the Independent Insurance Bureau

According to a survey conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents, 31% of people going on a skiing holiday do not have the correct type of holiday insurance policy. Insuring Winter Sports Holidays 

News from the Farm Gate by Milly Fyfe (Ed 112)

In the last few weeks we have managed to construct a poly tunnel in the farm garden. We purchased it online for a real bargain and it was swiftly delivered in flat pack style.

The Great Planes Above

A second self-help book by author Amit Kainth  Do you ever wonder that you are something more than this physical body, or you feel that something more exists beyond this creation, looking up and gazing at the stars and feeling a sensation of not belonging here? 

New Blood Test For The Earlier Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Spread

UK scientists from the University of Westminster have confirmed that a new blood test can detect if breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body in a research funded by the charity Against Breast Cancer.

Home Sweet Home?

Returning to Rutland after 20 years in Southeast Asia, book publisher Philip Tatham discovers the meaning of reverse culture shock as he stumbles back in love with familiar surroundings.

Dr. Crippen

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, born September 11th 1862 in Coldwater, Michigan, was a doctor - but not the average medical physician. Crippen studied first at the University of Michigan Homeopathic Medical School and graduated from the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College in 1884.

Why aren’t more people making Lasting Powers of Attorney?

As the population continues to grow and people continue to live longer we are seeing more people live into their 90’s, and cases of Alzheimer’s, dementia and strokes are also increasing. In 2014 the Alzheimer’s Society found during a study that 1 in 6 people over 80 have dementia.

Technical Turf Caring For Your Lawns....

Technical Turf LTD offers a complete specialist turf care service incorporating construction, design, renovation and maintenance projects for their clients in the natural and synthetic turf care industry.

The Origins of Popular Phrases

AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?  Like many old sayings in the English language this one come from the Bible. In Genesis Cain murdered his brother Abel. God asked Cain 'Where is your brother?'. Cain answered 'I don't know. Am I my brothers keeper?'.  BEAT ABOUT THE BUSH 

Palm Trees

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the fruit of oil palm trees. These oil palms are usually grown across the equator but mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia which account for more than 90% of palm oil production today.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies (Blondies)

  Ingredients  115g (4oz) Stork packet  115g (4oz) caster sugar 2 medium eggs 125g (4 1/2 oz) plain flour  200g (7oz) white chocolate, chopped  115g (4oz) fresh raspberries  Method