Search for Bosworth battlefield continues

Thanks to an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund archaeologists working at Bosworth Battlefield are now closer to determining the exact location of the famous battle that changed the face of British History forever.

Search for Bosworth battlefield

Using military history and cutting edge battlefield archaeological techniques has enabled the entire area surrounding the site to be mapped to show the landscape of 1485. Soil samples are currently being taken and analysed to establish the existence of the marsh a crucial feature of the battle and metal detecting has yielded interesting and nationally important finds supporting the view that the site has been occupied for 5000 years.

Richard Knox, archaeologist for Leicestershire County Council said It is no coincidence that the Battle took place in this area, King Richard IIIs royal army was trying to head off Henry Tudors advancing rebel army before he could reach London using the old Roman Road, now known as Watling Street. Finds include a medieval fleurde- lys horse harness pendent which could have been worn by the French mercenaries fighting alongside Henry Tudor and a sheeps bell that has lay in the ground for close on 550 years.

A substantial number of Roman Horse and Rider broaches and a beautifully crafted bronze hand, the full size statue would have stood approximately 1.5metres tall, suggesting that the site may have once boasted a Roman temple, and a decorative bucket mount believed to date back to the Iron Age and the only one of its type known to have been found in English soil.

Glenn Foard, Battlefield Archaeologist working for The Battlefields Trust said Bosworth represents the Trusts biggest challenge to date, it is the first time that an interdisciplinary team of specialist have come together to undertake an investigation of this type.

Part of a full sized statueToday the site welcomed delegates attending The Fields of Conflict conference organised jointly by the Battle Fields Trust and English Heritage. The delegation of specialist military historians and battlefield archaeologists have travelled from the US, Sweden, France and Germany are all eager to find out more about the work being undertaken here and to share best practice.

Bosworth BattlefieldCouncillor Ernie White, Lead member for Community Services said The developments at Bosworth are incredibly exciting and demonstrate the sites international draw. This study together with the opening of our new exhibition in April 2007 will help to attract visitors to the region as a whole.

Left:  which was probably part of a full sized statue standing approximately 1.5 metres