Filmmaker Jia Zhangke on the forgotten people of three gorges

Jia ZhangkeDirector Jia Zhangke, a leading figure in what is known as China’s Sixth Generation of filmmakers, won the prestigious Golden Lion prize at the recent Venice Film Festival with his movie Still Life, shot in the Three Gorges area.

Journalist Dai Qing describes Jia as “one of the best directors working in China today who are both talented and care about ordinary people.”

“Jia’s powerful films have struck a chord with Chinese audiences,” she said. “It’s wonderful that the judges in Venice, thousands of miles away from the Three Gorges area, have demonstrated a great understanding of China in recognizing his work.”

Jia Zhangke spoke with Three Gorges Probe while in Toronto last month to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. (The interview was conducted in Mandarin. Translation by Three Gorges Probe.) — Kelly Haggart For more information about Still Life, which is to be released in North America next year.