Perfect pink packs a punch

Perfect pinkIt’s soft and flirty and positively guaranteed to bring out your feminine side. Love it or loath it, pink just will not go away. From ipods to kettles and kittens paws it’s everywhere. It’s undeniably girly and that’s the rub. How can you slip that perfect pink into a colour scheme without upsetting the whole household? Team it with serious amounts of strong and sophisticated black says, Haslam Homes top designer, Karen Staniforth. Karen added: Pink and black bring out the best in each other. They really are the perfect partnership, playing to each other’s strengths. Pink has a real softness and gentle tone in the daylight and just glows in the evening with candles and soft lighting. Black has such strength and is a very grounding colour when used in virtually any scheme. It provides the perfect balance and a hint of drama. When you put these two colours together the effect is very glamorous and slightly decadent!

Here are Haslams design team tips on how to get pink to pack a punch:

The perfect backdrop is a bold art deco inspired black and silver wallpaper Balance the drama of the strong wallpaper pattern with elegant long neck pink vases, trimmed with black velvet ribbon tied in softbows. Pink rose prints are very popular right now and work beautifully in small silver frames. Use two together for maximum effect. Add small accents with accessories like soft pink dishes with a tumble of smooth pebbles. Snuggle up with a pale pink knitted throw and cushions these work well with all neutral colour schemes too.