There are handbags out there that can make your bum look big!

Ladies with a large bust should avoid close fitting bags that rest under the arm as they make the bust look even bigger opt for a style with long shoulder straps.

HandbagIf you have a slim waist choose a shoulder bag where the bottom rests at waist level.

For those of you who are tall and thin choose a slouchy, designer hobo style or a half-moon shaped bag.

Petite ladies should steer clear of large bags in preference to the long clutch or shoulder bag with straps that allow the bag to hit your leg. To give the impression of elongation

If you want to accentuate your cleavage a close-fitting bag with short straps causing it to rest under the armpit should do the job nicely.

So if you now realize you have a wardrobe full of the wrong shaped bags, then treat yourself to a new designer handbag! You will find a large selection of reasonably priced, rather different bags to make you look great.