Grow your own pineapple plant

PineappleGrowing a pineapple is so simple and makes a spectacular house plant. A fruit that is green and fresh picked is best. However, you may not wish to eat such a fruit so try and find one that is ripe but not over ripe.

Slice off the crown and remove all the flesh. This is essential as this material will rot in the soil. Leave on a windowsill to dry overnight. Pull away several layers of the smaller bottom leaves. You should see tiny rootlets hidden between the leaves and these are the beginnings of the proper roots.

The exposed core of the pineapple is then planted into a pot of well drained sandy compost. Water moderately and place in a light spot away from direct sunlight and protect from draughts.

For the first few weeks water sparingly. Around 4 to 6 weeks later the plant should have started growing proper roots. Pot on as necessary.