Putting The heart back into village communities

Rural TradingRural Trading - connecting the villages with good old fashioned service really is the perfect solution'

With the closure of rural post offices and village shops cutting off communities, Rural Trading is stepping in to close the gap and offer that most important service, bringing the shop to the villages, and keeping an eye on those more elderly or infirm. (Bringing Back the Care to the Communities).

Susan of Rural Trading started her business just four months ago and it’s flourishing. She supplies Bread, Milk, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Fresh Meat & Poultry, Cleaning products & toiletries, over the counter medicines, cakes, newspapers to order, logs, coal - kindling, eggs, store cupboard groceries and delicious ready meals by Clarkes of Queniborough. All this to far flung villages of South Leicestershire such as The Langtons, Hallaton, Sibbertoft, Gartree, and many more locations, on set days and times.

By operating a timetable, Sue is able to offer a reliable service so her customers know when and where she will be at any given time.

The service is really connecting the village communities, helping the elderly by ensuring they get what they need, and if you are a little unable, this service is perfect.

Sue has found such warmth and gratitude by offering this simple but appreciated service, they get offered cups of tea in the snow, had punctures repaired by local residents when help was needed themselves, and offered w.c. Stops. They have been encouraged every step of the way and are already thinking of expanding above their current staff levels to cope with it all.

It does the heart good to hear of people like Sue, bringing back the community spirit is all too lacking nowadays, so anyone that is prepared to work hard in providing it gets the La Vie vote for sure! Well Done Sue, long may you reign. She also Stocks our free local Magazine (Countryside La Vie).

Sue can be emailed on ruraltrading@aol.com

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