Clean water and good food two new publications by Michael Littlewood

Michael LittlewoodResponding to the ever increasing interest being shown in natural swimming pools and the demand for locally grown organic produce in season, eco-landscape architect, garden designer and organic gardener, Michael Littlewood, has published two more of his highly respected publications. ‘Converting the Conventional Swimming Pool’ (£9.95) and the ‘Seasonal Availability’ calendar (£11.95) are now available.

Converting the Conventional Swimming Pool

“Following many requests for help, Converting the Conventional Swimming Pool is aimed at people all over the world who want to change their chemical swimming pool for a natural one,” says Michael. “Not many people realise that their pool can be easily converted, so this publication sets out to show the many benefits, the design and planning of the pool and the basic construction process.”

Converting the Conventional Swimming Pool is a supplement to Michael’s highly acclaimed ‘Natural Swimming Pools: A Guide for Building’ and contains many before and after photographs to inspire owners to make the change. Retailing at just £9.95 including P&P, you can have it free when you buy ‘A Guide for Building’. Along with ‘Inspiration for Harmony with Nature’ these books are regarded as the best references on natural swimming pools available in the English language. See for further details.

The ‘Seasonal Availability’ Calendar

Michael LittlewoodPriced at just £11.95 (plus £2.55 P&P) Michael’s seasonal calendar is aimed at people who do not grow their own food but who want to enjoy the benefits of buying produce, preferably organic, locally grown and in season. It provides an at a glance guide to what is in season each month, making it easy to plan meals using locally grown food. The detailed introduction provides advice on the appropriate diet for each season, guidance on buying and storing produce along with sources of further information on seasonal eating and local food.

“Local food is far more nutritious, tastes better and is attuned to our environment, the climate and the seasons. It supports the local economy and reduces pollution from long distance transportation,” says Michael.

Each month to view page has a beautiful illustration showing some of the produce in season as well as a complete list of vegetables and fruit that are available. The calendar measures 50cm deep by 21 cm wide and has 21 leaves plus cover and is spiral bound with a hanger for ease of use.

Both publications are available from Michael Littlewood,