From the Bassetlaw district

with its world renowned Stichelton Cheese, comes the newest artisan food venture to impress which started production in July 2009. The Welbeck Bakehouse offers the people of the region the best quality organic, hand made, sourdough breads, scones and pastry baked in two enormous wood fired brick ovens.

Bassetlaw district
The Wood fired ovens were constructed by the renouned oven - builder Alf Armstrong of Cumbria and this traditional method of baking is not only widely acknowledged to produce bread with the best crust and flavour but it is one of the most economical ways to bake. The ovens are heated to an extremely high temperature, and a variety of products can be cooked as the oven cools to the appropriate temperature. Twelve hours of cooking time can be used from just one firing of the ovens. This is unlike the constant energy drain of electric or gas ovens more conventional in the industry. The modern need for environmentally sound production can be met by going back to this traditional, sustainable method.

Bassetlaw districtThe range of breads stretches from the traditional British Granary Loaf to a Polish Rye and an Italian Ciabatta. All are made ONLY with flour, water, salt and sometimes a small amount of yeast. Their flagship loaf will be the Welbeck sourdough, distinguished by its long natural fermentation. The fermentation process breaks down the proteins in the wheat making the bread more easily digestible. With a variety of health benefits not found in industrially produced breads, sourdoughs have a wonderful depth of flavour.

Within the picturesque surroundings of the Welbeck Estate the Bakehouse will be part of the thriving artisan food community, using milk form the organic dairy herd and whey (a by product of the cheese making process) from Stichelton.. The products will be for sale in the Welback farm shop and the bakery itself will be used by The School of Artisan Food for teaching its bakery courses.

The Welbeck Bakehouse products are now available.