Love your garden, love your environment

I’ve always had a passion for gardening. My earliest memories were in my grandmother’s and grandfather’s garden and allotment where, at around the age of three, I planted my first pansy seeds from dried flower heads. I then progressed to radishes, beetroots, lettuces and all manner of annual flowers. I was hooked. Over 50 years later the passion and the excitement of growing and eating my own produce and growing flowers from seeds is still there. However, now I live in the Mediterranean, with the long hot dry summers and wet winters I have had to conquer a new way of gardening.

My only regret is that I cannot enjoy the garden with my grandchildren and pass down hints and tips that my grandparents and parents gave me. When they visit in the summer, it’s wonderful to see the excitement on their faces when they make their daily growth check on the melons first thing in the morning. They always help pick ripening fruit and vegetables, their mouths watering as they help prepare juicy peaches and apricots for jam and the freezer but it does not compensate for the hands on approach and their own patch of garden.

I was recently browsing the internet looking for sites that would stir my grandchildren’s interest in gardening and came across an interesting site,

This website is specially designed to be an interactive classroom, allotment plot, and hobby garden of 21st century. Compiled by The Recycle Works Limited they have developed this cool, interactive website for children, their teachers and their families and an invaluable resource for obtaining information in relation to gardening with children.

It’s easy to navigate and there is a special Kids Zone with some great links to fun and games for children in different age ranges. To encourage children to learn something new every day there is a fascinating facts section and lastly, the all important competition.

The Schools Zone is for stimulating ideas for the classroom, a collection of helpful fact sheets, cool competitions and fun things to do on a rainy day. What to do on the allotment or if you're thinking on a smaller scale, what to put in the window box? How to do it? When is it best to do it? It is a resource of project ideas, funding information, curriculum notes and hopefully a little inspiration too.

The Family Zone will help to stimulate your ideas to promote this interest in children to Love your Garden, Love Your Environment. You will find things to do in the garden and on the allotment. Something to prepare on a rainy day, helpful fact sheets, suitable equipment, competitions with good prizes and Ask an Expert. is a really brilliant site and it’s easy to navigate.
Highly recommended. Marlene Bowley