Hello gardeners

Winter moves closer, this is one of my favourite times of the year, with the collection of rich colours from the trees and deciduous shrubs, the ruby red of berries along the hedgerow for the birds to eat over the winter months, and a cold snap in the air when you are out and about.

the more you can achieve in the garden before the winter, the easier it will be for you in the spring and the longer you can have your feet up reading about the new plants for the coming year. there’s plenty to do now in the garden, col lect the cont inual ly falling leaves from lawns and borders, especially if they are on top of early flowering plants, like pulmonaria and polyanthus. If you have a pond remove any leaves that fall in as they will decay there.

We never know what the winter has in store for us, it is a good idea for any climbing plants such as Solanium, or Lonicera ( Honey Suckle) that you check the supports are adequate and remove any long shoots that may get damaged in the wind. For shrubs like Lavateria and Buddliea, I always cut them down by half, they can get easily damaged if they are in an exposed position and then prune again in late spring.

throughout the winter months it may seem a little dark and colourless, so why not plant up pots with vibrant colours of pansies and violas in multi purpose compost with adequate drainage and plant some bulbs to match underneath, which will poke through the plants in the spring time. there is an excellent selection of these at many nurseries to suit all your colour schemes. then water the pot and place near to the house or to the front door as so to be easily seen to give you a bit of cheer.

If you are like me, I love to see the wild birds visit my garden throughout the year, there are times when you will hardly see them, as they are caring for their young, then they go into moult, (it must be like us when your children move out and you can let your hair down). then as the weather turns cooler they come back again. this is the most important time of the year to feed the birds, when there is little around for them, It is not only food they need but water also, so on those frosty days give them a little thought.

Plants of interest

Cotinus Royal Purple
Rich purple foliage that turns a vibrant orange

Sedum Autumn Joy
Large heads of pink flowers from october to the first of the frosts.

Delicate pink daisy like flowers, if left on throughout the winter looks attractive in the frosts

information provided by
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