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Leicester City Chairman Mr Mandaric at Loros

LOROS were thrilled to show Milan Mandaric (LCFC Chairman), Nigel Pearson (LCFC Manger) and Alan Birchenall (LOROS Patron and former LCFC and Chelsea legend) round their new extension. The extension has added 11 new single patient rooms to the current 8, although the total number of in-patient beds remains at 31.

Milan Mandaric (LCFC Chairman), Nigel Pearson (LCFC Manger) and Alan Birchenall
The extension has been built due to feedback received from patients and families for their wish to greater privacy. Almost 2,500 patients and families throughout Leicestershire and Rutland access LOROS care services each year.

LOROS are the chosen supported Charity of LCFC in the season that marks the 125th Anniversary of Leicester City and the 25th Anniversary of LOROS. The LOROS logo is now emblazoned on the team’s away kit.

To mark the partnership, LOROS have named an outside walkway Filbert Way. After looking round the Hospice, Mr Mandaric said “I am a happy person because I can see what good is being done here. I am very proud that as a club we can give our support. We will do everything humanly possible to get stronger support because it is something everyone should be proud of. “

LOROS still need to raise £470,000 of the £2m costs.