Revolutionary re-building toothpaste hits UK

ToothpasteA toothpaste which is clinically proven to re-calcify tooth enamel is now available with an advanced bio-technology formula that is ideal for the 13 million Brits with sensitive teeth.

The revolutionary new product, SensiShield, actually mimics nature to re-calcify the dentine and tooth surface enamel. Its advanced bio-technology formula makes it suitable for people with sensitive teeth and it also rejuvenates and brightens teeth.

Until now sensitive teeth sufferers have only been able to buy products that either mask the pain or temporarily coat the surface of the teeth. However, SensiShield’s advanced bio-technology formula is based on surgical bone regeneration and contains an active ingredient that copies the way mouth salvia naturally re-calcifies teeth, faster than nature can by itself.

Tooth enamel is prone to damage, which can give rise to a rough pitted surface that can create the conditions for teeth sensitivity. The new toothpaste actually raises the mouth’s pH

to activate the formation of hydroxyapatite crystals (HCA) exactly as saliva does. Teeth become smoother and brighter and the formula is ideal for people whose sensitive teeth mean they prefer to avoid consuming hot, cold, sweet or acidic food and drink.

After brushing with SensiShield teeth surfaces can become more stain resistant and nerve exposure can be lessened. What’s more, SensiShield is also anti-bacterial and anti-plaque,making it ideal for everyday use.