Stylists give cancer patients red carpet treatment

Barrie Stephen HairLeicester stylists brought some brand new looks and pampering to women recovering from breast surgery in the glenfield Hospital, lifting their spirits.

a team from Barrie Stephen Hair spruced up ladies on Ward 23a, giving them luxurious head massages, stylish cuts and blowdries.

Barrie Stephen headed up the team who looked after the nine female patients:

“With the women having to go through such traumatic surgery as well as the emotional rollercoaster ride associated with their illnesses, we all wanted to come in to do some great hair and make them feel better about themselves.”

“We’re in an emotional industry and hair really has the power to makes you feel good. a cut changes both a person’s looks visually and it also really serves as a positive lift, so having your hair done is a tonic in itself.

“the experience was brilliant and the patients were all so positive and i know that my team enjoyed it immensely. it’s definitely something that we will be looking to do on a regular basis in 2010.”

Barrie Stephen Hairas for the patients who underwent chemotherapy, the hairdressing was a fantastic morale booster, as diane Ford confirmed:

“There’s nothing worse for a lady than losing her eyelashes, eyebrows and hair – and to end up being bald is one of the most difficult things to experience. The head massage was so relaxing and it makes you feel that you are feminine and that your hair will grow back, and that you can start using makeup again. The hairdressing’s been brilliant. It makes you look forward again and believe that things will improve and that’s what ladies like us need; to help keep us thinking positive.”

Helen Cole, who came in to remove cancerous cells found during a mammogram also thought the ward styling was a thoughtful and caring gesture:

“This was just the best way to finish off my time in hospital. It was such a nice thing for them to do during what has been a fretful time for all of us. The whole experience has been fantastic and it really has made me feel and look great.”

alison gregory, a new mum came in for an operation to remove an abscess on her breast, and never thought she would be having a new haircut as well. For her it was a real treat.

Linda Markey who came to have pre-cancerous tissue removed sums the whole experience up:

Barrie Stephen Hair“The styling has been a real confidence boost. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying so this is a welcome distraction. We’ve all been having a good time and for a few hours it’s felt like we’re not in hospital.”

the Ward Manager Helen Maxfield was delighted the hairdressers came in to work their magic.

“We were really pleased that Barrie and his team chose to come to ward 23a. I know that our patients really appreciated having a bit of pampering.”

the team of stylists joining Barrie were: Senior Consultant tia from narborough salon, designer anjana from anstey salon, Senior designer Charlotte from King Street and Manager Leah from the ashby salon.