National space centre hosts Lord Mayors appeal on behalf of Mablethorpe Homes

The Society for Intercultural Understanding Leicester aims to promote understanding of the diverse cultures of Leicester and Leicestershire and raise funds for local charities.It has supported the Education Award Scheme at the National Space Centre, the Rotary Club’s Polio Eradication scheme, the Air Force Association and Army Belevolent Funds charities and the Burns Homes in Ayrshire. The event on Saturday march 13th was organised for the Lord Mayor’s charity---The Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre [Mablethorpe].

Lord Mayors appeal
The theme of the evening was “ FROM ARCHERY TO ARMADA—Bringing History to Life in the Space Age”. The programme included the John of Gaunt Speech delivered by Duncan Lucas, Greensleves sung by the Red Leicester Choir, Queen Elizabeth I speech at Tilbury by Sandra Williams and the Armada poem read by Malcolm Elloit. Some dancing was done by the Leicester Morrismen and the Moorish dancing by Andrea’s Oriental Dance School. With dinner and entertainment, the audience enjoyed the charity event.