An evening with Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan

This lovely Mexican has such Charisma and charm, it’s no wonder dogs will do anything for him! Greeted with huge enthusiastic applause, Cesar entertained his audience with remedies and witty stories and shared his secrets on 'How to transform dogs and their owners'. He gave a very entertaining demonstration of doggie and human behaviour, making us humans see in an instant where we are, going wrong.

Cesar Milan
It's all quite simple when you see it demonstrated by both film and 'live' on stage, with 'real' dogs and their owners. His theory is that love is shown by exercise and food along with displaying 'being in the zone' by creating a calm aura and personal space, thus having the dog on your calm wavelength, yet letting them know you are their 'leader'. Watch out for his series and you'll see for yourself. Very impressive.

To think this 'superman' of the dog world came from humble Mexican beginnings - in tune with their natural world. After moving to America he then went on to gain stardom and now, Cesar can count many celebrities as his new best friends, including Oprah Winfrey.

The audience certainly appreciated the combined show and seminar! Now I am off to teach my pup how not to jump up, and put dirty doggy paws all over me!