The naughty Volvos are coming!

The new Volvo S60 made its international début at the Geneva Motor Show, 2nd March 2010. This dynamic, elegantly designed car has been launched into the automotive world's most competitive segment of the market. The Volvo S60 is a super duper car with the potential to really change the concept of Volvo from pipe and slippers to kitten heels and city slickers.

We all know the Volvo has an amazing safety track record, and this car is no exception and will definitely attract a whole new age group. As you can imagine, it has more gizmos and gadgets than you can throw a stick at.

The sporty a ppearance can be further enhanced with an exterior styling kit that will turn it into a little honey monster with enhanced front and rear skid plates, two frames in the lower valence, side scuff plates, exhaust tailpipe finishers and 18-inch alloy wheels. Oooh, it will look the part.

The S60 will n ever feature in the game 'Grand Theft Auto' as the possibility of knocking people over would be an impossibility due to its ground-breaking pedestrian -detection safety technology. A radar is integrated into the car's grille like an all-seeing eye, so that if you do not respond to what is in front, e.g a pedestrian about to walk into the road, the car will warn and if need be, bring you to a halt. Hm. Another lucky pedestrian.

It seems like it does everything but drive itself. If you do not like the smells of the country air, it can be equipped with an interior air quality system, which prevents particles and unpleasant odours from entering the cabin. In addition, the S60 provides automatic control of both temperature and ventilation systems, with the Electronic Climate Control system (ECC).

The sound system in this car is second to none and the interior is sleek, stylish and elegant, with spacious compartments and easily accessible storage space. The S60 will get the family, the grandma and the groceries in, with room to spare.