Beating the behind-the-wheel bullies with Sturgess of Leicester

Leicester’s women learn the art of roadside self-defence A car confidence evening organised by a Fiat and Nissan dealership in Leicester has made local women more aware of how to protect themselves against the dangers they could face on the road.

Following a recent spate of stories about aggressive driving in the media, more than 140 women (and quite a few men) attending a Women in Gear car workshop evening at Sturgess’s showroom in Aylestone Road, Leicester, turned out en masse to learn about driving in today’s stressful conditions.

The event was a self-help course organised by Sturgess to help teach local women drivers the basics of mechanics and personal self-protection, so that they are less likely to be left stranded and vulnerable by the roadside. It included roadside get-you-home tips, defensive driving and how to ward off a possible ‘road rage’ attacker.

Former Police officer turned close protection specialist Jacquieline Davis made the subject of defending yourself from a would-be mugger both entertaining and instructive. She developed the personal safety theme and demonstrated a quick-fire method of foiling a would-be assailant, which involved disarming him - or her - in three easy moves with the aid of everyday objects such as a torch, a pen or a can of de-icer spray.

Sturgess of Leicester, women learn the art of roadside self-defence
“Women are perceived as being more vulnerable than men and are seen as an easy target when it comes to road rage,” said Jacquieline. “Also, other people are scared to get involved, even if they see it’s a woman being attacked, so you have to be able to defend yourself.”

The evening continued with advice on motoring in today’s stressful driving conditions and dealing with behind-the-wheel bullies, explored by Institute of Advanced Motorists driving specialist Mike Lyne, who invited members of the audience to share their experiences - often with dramatic revelations about their own behaviour when under pressure.

The visitors headed for Sturgess’s workshops where volunteers were encouraged to change a car’s wheel under the supervision of the dealership’s service technicians and were given practical advice including dealing with roadside emergencies, routine car maintenance and checking oil and fluid levels.

Sturgess of Leicester will be holding another Women in Gear evening at its Jaguar Land Rover dealership on May 13th in response to the overwhelming public demand.

Places are free to members of the public, so to be sure of getting a seat e-mail