The Walker's Friend, A miscellany of wit and wisdom by Jude Palmer

The Walker's FriendA truly beautiful new book for all lovers of walking and the countryside – It will be treasured as a source of pleasure and practical tips for years to come

Publication Date: 7th JUNE 2010

ISBN: 978 1 84953 052 1
Hardback Illustrated 208pp £9.99

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day – a time to breathe fresh air and feel the grass under your feet, replenish the spirits and calm the mind, and let the thoughts flow while enjoying nature’s bounteous pleasures.”
 - Henry David Thoreau

Hikers, ramblers, dog walkers and casual strollers will savour this beautifully designed collection of quotations and excerpts from classic and contemporary writing, both humorous and evocative, interspersed with practical tips on everything from walking boots to where to spot wildlife.

“New boots are agony at first, so for goodness’ sake don’t set off on a major expedition in a pair of boots you only wore to try on round the shop.”
 - David Bathurst in The Big Walks of Great Britain

“Every time you walk the same walk, you see or hear something new. Nature halts self-absorption, makes you less frantic about all that’s going on in your own small mental or physical world.”
 - Margaret Drabble

“There is a serene and settled majesty to woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations.”
 - Washington Irving