Nikola Tesla predicted SMS in 1909

Nikola TeslaWe all use text messaging in today's modern world, but Nikola Tesla visualized the concept more than a century ago.

This pioneering American physicist and mechanical engineer predicted a portable messaging service, like the SMS, via a handheld device in the Popular Mechanics magazine in 1909, its technology editor Seth Porges has claimed in a report.

Telsa wrote in the magazine that one day it'd be possible to transmit "wireless messages" all over the world and imagined that such a hand-held device would be simple to use and one day everyone in the world would communicate to friends using it, Porges said.

This would usher in a new era of technology, Telsa wrote in the publ icat ion. Nikola Tesla was able to predict technology that is still in its nascent forms a hundred years later. He talked a lot about his other great passion, which was wireless power.

Porges disclosed Tesla's prediction at a presentation, '108 years of futurism' to industry figures in New York.