Leicester hospital raises money to help kidney research UK

Staff and patients from a local private hospital have got together to raise nearly £1,000 for Kidney Research UK.

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital choose a different charity to raise funds for every year but during 2010, the importance of the work undertaken by Kidney Research UK was bought close to home when a hospital staff member donated a kidney to their spouse who was desperately ill with the disease.

Eileen Bagguley, Kidney Research UK with management and staff
Eileen Bagguley, East Midlands Fundraising Manager for Kidney Research UK said “I would like to thank all the staff and patients from the hospital that have donated this money to our charity. If it wasn’t for charitable organisations such as Nuffield Health, we wouldn’t be able to help the 3 million people whose lives are at risk of chronic kidney disease today. Unfortunately, kidney disease is on the increase and can affect anyone although the most common causes are diabetes and high blood pressure. It is important that individuals are aware of this and have regular check ups to ensure healthy kidney function”.


Image: (far right) Eileen Bagguley, Kidney Research UK with management and staff from Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital.