Real birds on Twitter using bacon fat keyboard

Is it fair that the ones who gave Twitter its name never had a chance to use it themselves?

At the Latvian weekly magazine "Ir" they don't think so. That's why the magazine has enabled real birds to tweet on Twitter by setting up a keyboard with pieces of unsalted bacon fat screwed onto each of the keys. The keyboard is placed in front of a webcam in the village of Sarnate on the west coast of Latvia. Eating the fat helps the birds to survive the harsh February days and nights when the temperature can drop to 20C below zero.

Birds on Twitter
A webcam has also been rigged up in front of the keyboard to allow budding ornithologists to watch the birds mostly tomtits — simultaneously munch and type. So far the birds have produced literary gold, such as “cc bb c,” “mmmm … ” and the more existential textspeak, “y.”

Unfortunately, it looks like the weather is now warm enough that the birds can catch their regular bug prey, so the project is on hold until the end of the year. But you can check out the birds’ past tweets at @hungry_birds or watch a video of the birds in action on;