What is this new conveyancing quality scheme?

Law Society President John WottonAnyone buying a home needs a solicitor to carry out the legal side of the process. However, as well as solicitors, there are other companies and individuals who carry out in this type of work, but who are not solicitors.

To make life easier for home buyers to select the right person to carry out this complicated work, the Law Society set up the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, an accreditation scheme that recognises high standards in the home buying process in a similar way to how Corgi or GasSafe recognises excellence in gas boiler safety.

Solicitors who apply to CQS undergo a rigorous and robust assessment before they can secure the CQS quality mark. Once accredited, they undergo training and on going assessment to maintain the standards they have shown they uphold.

Helping home-buyers

The main beneficiaries of CQS are home buyers who seek out the CQS logo when looking for a legal expert to help them buy a home – generally one of the biggest purchases of anyone’s life.

A key feature of the scheme is the CQS Client Charter, which puts the customer at the heart of the high service levels CQS firms offer.

Solicitors already provide excellent service levels in home buying, but CQS, through its thorough assessment procedures and monitoring, ensures that excellence is maintained. Solicitors are fully insured should anything go wrong, and are vigorously regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Unlike some other legal service providers, solicitors also fall under the remit of the Legal Ombudsman, so any complaints can be dealt with by the Ombudsman if the solicitor is unable to deal with the customer’s concerns.

The work of your solicitor when buying a home is crucial. They will not only handle the transaction, but can check that the home you are buying does not have any hidden legal liabilities or problems attached to it. If anything is overlooked, it could cost you in the long run.

Look for the logo

CQS logoAnyone buying a home can look out for the CQS logo when seeking a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of home buying, whether they are buying a home at auction, planning on building their own home, are first time buyers, or looking to buy a second home.

The scheme has had the backing of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Association of British Insurers and the Legal Ombudsman. There are already more than 500 solicitors’ firms across England and Wales who have secured the coveted CQS status with many more being processed.

To find them go to
or check for the CQS logo.

Image Credit: Law Society President John Wotton