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Miller homes east midlands celebrates the achievements of apprentice

An apprentice for award-winning housebuilder, Miller Homes East Midlands, is being recognised for his achievements and commitment to his training to become a fully qualified joiner.

Liam Sutton who is based at the Lakeside Country Park development in Leicester, succeeded in the completion of individual tasks such as fitting garage roof timbers, first floor joists and completing a first fix in a plot. He was also set a challenging programme to take a house all the way through to a final fix.

Lakeside site manager Paul Williams, apprentice Liam Sutton and production director Malcolm Ceney

Liam is a student at the Freemen’s Park Campus in Leicester and was sourced via construction skills, the largest provider of apprentices for the construction industry, and studies alongside his onsite training.

He is twelve months into his three-year apprenticeship to become a fully qualified joiner, and Malcolm Ceney, production director for Miller Homes East Midlands, is incredibly pleased with his development so far:

“Liam is a highly valued member of the Miller Homes team. His dedication and hard work are second to none, and we have absolutely no doubt that he will be incredibly successful in his apprenticeship and his future career as a joiner.

“The next immediate challenges will be a second and third fix finishing with the fitting of a front door, and we are confident that Liam will embrace and complete any task that is set before him.”

Miller works to provide the best practical support for Liam, who combines college learning with on-site experience to ensure the right balance of practical and technical skills.

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Image: Lakeside site manager Paul Williams, apprentice Liam Sutton and production director Malcolm Ceney