Sir Patrick Moore planetarium launch

The National Space Centre in Leicester is home to the UK’s largest planetarium. Over the past ten years the dome has shown award winning content created in-house by NSC Creative. However, the name of the planetarium, the Space Theatre, has never really represented the calibre of the content or the visitor experience.

Step forward a legend in the astronomy world, Sir Patrick Moore. Sir Patrick joined the National Space Centre team to launch not only a brand new name, ‘The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium’, but also a brand new Tour of the Night Sky, presenter led show, and a series of ‘best of’ clips hosted by Sir Patrick himself.

Sir Patrick Moore planetarium launch
The new shorts highlight 16 choices by Sir Patrick of things he has enjoyed discovering over his 55 years of presenting The Sky at Night.

Sir Patrick is a former president of the British Astronomical Association, co-founder and former president of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA), author of over 70 books on astronomy, and presenter of the world's longest-running television series with the same original presenter, The Sky at Night on the BBC.

Malika Andress, Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre said; “Sir Patrick has made a huge impact on people’s understanding of our place in the Universe. He has influenced people such as Brian May and Professor Brian Cox, as well as several generations of keen astronomers. We are delighted and honoured to be welcoming him to the Centre and will ensure that the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium goes on to inspire in the way Sir Patrick already does.”

Photo credit: Stuart Hollis/ National Space Centre