Witch doctor sends Gavin Taylor Hair on an organic quest

As a victim of skin allergies, Gavin Taylor from Anstey, in Leicestershire, was one of many that struggled to find an organic solution to his endless irritation and suffering. An early experience of an allergic reaction began his passion for organic and natural ingredients, resulting in him successfully creating a line of hand-made hair products, Gavin Taylor Hair.

His ongoing success can be sourced back to a piece of advice Gavin received from a local Witch Doctor, during a childhood family holiday to Barbados. An unexpected allergic reaction sent Gavin and his family into a state of panic, when his father remembered a local Witch Doctor that was often seen roaming the Barbadian beaches.

Witch doctor sends Gavin Taylor Hair on an organic quest
Gavin said: “I had always suffered with my skin and on this particular occasion, the pain was excruciating. My face had swollen so much that I could barely see. The Witch Doctor advised my father to feed me a mixture of Aloe Vera, salt water and herbs. He did and within 10 to 15 minutes the swelling had gone right down. It was crazy!

“I’ve been obsessed with the power of natural ingredients ever since and that experience really helped me to develop my products. All of my shampoos contain oxygenated Aloe Vera as a result and it’s all thanks to that Witch Doctor!”

Beginning his career as a trainee hairdresser at the well established, Toni & Guy, Gavin has gone on to work independently with a clientele of over 250 around Leicestershire. However, coinciding with his continued success in the hairdressing world, Gavin’s real ambition is to change the way people think about organic hair products and to hopefully help those who, like himself, suffer with skin conditions.

Through this, along with years of hard work and dedication, Gavin has successfully launched his own brand of hair care, Gavin Taylor Hair. Using natural ingredients such as Camomile and Rosewood, Gavin Taylor Hair prides itself on being organic and not only being good for your hair, but also gentle on skin irritation and good for the planet.

Originally founded in 2006, the Gavin Taylor Hair ranges of shampoos and conditioners have evolved to cater for all hair types, including shampoos for oily and fine hair, normal hair and dry and coloured hair.

Gavin said: “Having used a variety of hair products myself in the past, I found that many would irritate my skin and would quite often make it worse. For skin conditions like psoriasis, which unfortunately cannot be cured, it is important that you use something, which is going to help control the problem rather than making it worse. This is something I felt quite passionate about and I really wanted to educate people about being more particular with the products they are using on their hair and skin and knowing exactly what they contain. In the process, we are also helping towards saving the planet, which is even better!”

“I love hairdressing and have received a tremendous amount of support from my clients. I definitely hope to continue raising awareness of saving the planet and also challenge the conventional ways the industry produces hair products.”

Gavin Taylor Hair products are available at www.gavintaylorhair.com