School children talk to astronaut on the international space station

This amazing image was captured ESA Astronaut André Kuipers whilst on board the International Space Station (ISS). It shows the UK at night and if you look very closely you can see Leicester, a city the Astronaut calledfrom the ISS during April.

André took time out of his busy schedule to talk with school children at the National Space Centre in Leicester. The call was part of a larger education programme being run by the European Space Agency throughout Europe. Take Your Classroom into Space (TYCIS) is an educational activity organized by ESA for every long-term duration flight of an ESA astronaut.

School children talk to astronaut on the international space station
As part of the live link to André in space, five children who submitted questions to ESA and NASA, were able to go along to the National Space Centre to participate in a full day of experiments, replicating those Andre was doing on the ISS.

The day culminated in André showing his results of the same experiments to see the effect gravity has on them and then answering the questions from the five lucky students.

Malika Andress, spokesperson for the National Space Centre said; “We were delighted to be speaking with André and participating in the Take Your Classroom into Space project. Astronauts are great ambassadors for education, showing what achievements in science, engineering and maths really can achieve. It also highlights that science really can be fun.”