Help needed for kitten crisis in Mid Warwickshire

Help needed for kitten crisis in Mid WarwickshireCats Protection’s Mid Warwickshire Branch is desperately appealing for owners to adopt one of the many kittens in the charity’s care.

A particularly busy kitten season has left the charity bursting at the seams and volunteers are having great difficulty finding new owners for the homeless kittens now in their care.

Chris Osborne, Branch Co-ordinator said: “As a result of unneutered cats breeding, we have recently taken in over 70  unwanted and abandoned kittens. With 20 adult cats already in our care, we are desperately looking for new owners to provide homes for these cats and kittens. I would appeal to anyone who can offer a loving home to contact us as soon as possible.”

One of the kittens in need is Marmite.  A mischievous and fun loving black tom kitten. (photo attached) He came into our care from a multi cat household where his mum, Tallulah, had had many litters of kittens over the last few years.
Cat owners can assist the charity both now and in the future by getting their cat neutered.

Chris Osborne explained: “One unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 kittens a year so neutering really will help to reduce the number of kittens that are brought to the charity or dumped and left to fend for themselves. Neutering also makes cats less likely to fight and pass on diseases transmitted through biting and saliva, so it is also beneficial to your cat’s health.”

If you contact the Branch you can obtain a discounted neutering voucher worth £20 towards the cost of neutering male cats and £26 towards the cost of neutering female cats.

For more information about adopting a kitten or getting your cat neutered, please contact the Branch on 01926 334849.