This month Artifice Books on Architecture celebrates the release of two new titles

Architecture celebrates the release of two new titlesEarth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden is an eclectic reflection on the relationship between humanity and the garden. Through the lens of Utopian Studies Earth Perfect? brings together a selection of inspiring essays from the fields of architecture, history of art, classics, cultural studies, farming, geography, horticulture, landscape architecture, law, literature, philosophy, urban planning and the natural sciences.

Through these joined voices, the garden emerges as a site of contestation and a repository for symbolic, spiritual, social, political and ecological meaning. Questions such as: “what is the role of the garden in defining humanity’s ideal relationship with nature?” and “how should we garden in the face of catastrophic ecological decline?” are addressed through wide-ranging case studies, including ancient Roman gardens in Pompeii, Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, the gardens of Versailles, organic farming in new England and Bohemia’s secret gardens, as well as landscape in contemporary architecture.

Entre. Architecture from the Performing Arts explores this multidisciplinary approach used by architectural practice Vazio S/A. The experimental studio works across a range of areas such as architecture, urban design and collaborate with artists and performers to investigate the relationship between contemporary architecture and culture.

Entre features a selection of projects from Spiral Booths exhibited in 2010 as part of Architects Build Small Spaces, at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, through to the installation at the last Sao Paulo International Art Biennial, The Other and the Same. The projects are vividly conveyed via photographic documentations of the installations as well as structural diagrams, plans and elevations and substantiated through a series of contributions by architecture journalists and practitioners, as well as interviews and direct interventions by Carlos Teixeira.

Earth Perfect?
ISBN- 978 1 907317 75 0
RRP £24.95

ISBN- 978 1 907317 78 1
RRP £19.95