A Bull on the Beach

A Bull on the Beach‘Pep and the Scotsman are standing in the kitchen - my kitchen - creating mayhem. For the last few months, these two overgrown schoolboys have been gathering ruby grapes from the vines hanging in heavy clusters from the pergola just outside our kitchen door. Now the Scotsman is sifting through piles of grapes which are strewn all over the kitchen table while Pep stomps up and down inside an aluminium container.’

Having settled in a Mallorcan mountain idyll, Anna Nicholas, her husband the Scotsman and their son Ollie want to become as self-sufficient as possible. Anna teams up with organic farmers and smallholders to learn how to tend sheep, make cheese and honey and grind flour, while the Scotman creates havoc with his friend Pep in an attempt at winemaking, and tries to fathom what’s troubling the wriggly inhabitants of his beloved wormery.

In this fifth installment of her hilarious Mallorcan adventures Anna can’t quite shake off her old clients from the PR world, and is persuaded by Greedy George to create a media storm for his new Spanish leather store. The story of how a giant bull ends up on a Barcelona beach is enough to make her delighted to return to Mallorca, where talking to a toad and feeding porridge to her hens seems normal by comparison.

A Bull on the Beach
Enjoying the Good Life in Mallorca
Anna Nicholas
ISBN: 978 - 84953 263 - Paperback £8.99 352 pages