Zoe Hubbard Interior Designs - Rising Star

Learning from her mum, who had an artistic flair for decorative finishes and upholstery the young Zoe was bitten by the creative bug, the seeds were sown. Her first attempts in design saw her transforming her bedroom (and not with crayons on the wallpaper) at the tender age of only 5, when she successfully colour co-ordinated her room - no Noddy wallpaper to be found here! Studying at South Charnwood High, Zoe was more interested in the creative subjects of arts and crafts. After successfully passing her GCSEs she knew that her career path lay in Interior Design, as she was always giving advice and opinions to those who asked about decorating and inputting into family and friends homes, gaining more confidence along the way. There were no local courses available but this didn’t stop Zoe, she applied for a long distance learning course where she gained her diploma and obtained a foundation degree in professional interior design. Always wanting to hone her skills and gain more information she is currently working towards her honours BA degree in interior design - there's no stopping her educational endeavours!

Zoe Hubbard Interior DesignsHaving approached the Princes Trust after setting up her business -'Zoe Hubbard' she is looking more towards the mentoring approach they have on offer rather than the funding aspect. She is aware you can’t buy experience, which is why the mentoring is so appealing, tapping into the wise heads and gleaning information - its like having your own Dragons Den on board!! Seeing how this experience helps others Zoe eventually wants to be a mentor herself in the future, giving back to those who have helped her- ‘what goes around comes around’.

At the age of twenty, is she too young? Wow seeing is believing, she has a vast knowledge from Renaissance, Rococo and Classics to Contemporary (and a bit of everything else in between!) Zoe's personal preference is very eclectic “It's loving everything that looks good regardless of price, be it top end or bargain basement!"

Asking what are the trends for 2012, she added “It is what you make it, be it shabby chic or contemporary, and don't presume all interior design is about expense, there are prices to suit all budgets. Upcycling your old furniture is the way forward, transforming your wooden furniture in a variety of ways, adding new cushions, fabrics, decorative touches with nick knacks is not expensive, scour your local car boot sales" - No rummaging in skips though!

Through determination and true grit Zoe already works two jobs and has now found her third. Her reputation proceeds her and she was honoured to be asked to work alongside Maison Interiors incorporating Michael john Carpet Studio which is based instore - a new prestige flagship store in Oadby. Zoe says "The beauty of working with top companies like this is the sheer volume of quality top brand products at my fingertips, the range on show helps to give a complete design experience" Zoe understands that top prices may not be the best designs, as beauty can be found in any budget. Especially in lighting, which can be created for ambiance and mood which is a top priority for any room in the house.

She may be young at 20 but she has an old head on young shoulders " People are surprised at the designs I can produce, I do think out of the box - people like it" We certainly like her, being young has advantages too - open minded, fresh, vibrant - looking at things differently. Zoe has worked hard to get to where she is, always learning and sourcing new products, visiting exhibitions, spotting new trends, there's no holding her back!

Zoe will be based at Maison Interiors and MJ Carpets for free consultations and also offers home visits in the evenings and weekends. A very personable and friendly approach, her best quality is being able to listen to clients ideas and translate them into their dreams. We are seeing amazing things for her in the future. The futures bright - the futures Zoe Hubbard.