Do you know where you're going? Your smart phone soon will

Your smart phone may soon be able to predict where you are going, according to research by University of Birmingham computer scientists.

The researchers have devised an algorithm, which is able to capture your mobility patterns and those of your social group, and can predict, down to 20 metres, where you might be 24 hours later.

This new data could provide invaluable information to advertisers and retailers, as they will have the ability to recommend shops and restaurants in the location you are headed.

The research has won the Nokia Mobile Data Open Challenge. The task was in the area of ‘big data mining’ requiring participants to analyse a large dataset containing various information about 200 mobile users over more than a year.

The researchers now hope to build a platform implementing the algorithm for supporting the development of third-party mobile apps for personalised information retrieval and marketing. Another potential application area is law enforcement, for example, the prediction of the future location of criminal events.