Owning original art is on the up

Thanks to the explosion of online art galleries over the last few years, more people than ever are buying original pieces of artwork. Leading light and early trend setter, market leading online art gallery Art2Arts (www.art2arts.co.uk) has witnessed this impressive socio-economic move and sees no sign of it stopping in 2013.

Since its launch in 2006, founder and director of Art2Arts, Michelle Gibbs has seen a dramatic rise not only in customers but also in their awareness of new artists. “Owning original art has become more popular thanks to an interest from the press. Information on up and coming artists is now widespread, featuring regularly online or in newspapers,” explains Michelle. “This change has seen the mental dissolution of class barriers, it has levelled the playing field and removed the elitism from the art world. Combine this with the increase in online art galleries and you can expect to see this trend continue to rise.”

Owning original art is on the up
Other sociological factors which have aided the increase in owning original include an increase of original art appearing at auctions, a new found fascination with interior design and, thanks to a waning recession, individuals having a greater amount of disposable income.

“At Art2Arts we feature a number of new artists to the site monthly to help make visitors aware of what is new. The site is also completely interactive so customers are able to contact the artists directly to make a commission or simply find out more about a piece,” comments Michelle. “My aim was to make art as accessible as possible and thanks to the way the population is changing, it’s working.”

To see the artists featured on Art2Arts or to speak to Michelle about the changes in buying art please contact her directly on: michelle@art2arts.co.uk

Image: Angel Poppies 40 x 20