Wonder Pill?

Wonder Pill?You would not relish the idea of eating 6lb of tomatoes a day, however if this goodness was squeezed in a tiny easy to swallow pill it would make more sense.

Researchers may have come up with this, after trials on the supplement Ateronon which contains the chemical lycopene, (this makes tomatoes red) and is known to break down fatty deposits in arteries, Scientists believe it could limit the damage caused by heart disease and hopefully could benefit those suffering with diabetes, arthritis and even slow the progress of cancer.

A preliminary result from a 2 month trial was encouraging, it was shown to improve function in the lining of blood vessels and improved sensitivity to nitric oxide which triggers dilation of our arteries during exercise.

Further studies are planned and it is hoped this can offer an alternative to statins for heart sufferers who cannot take cholesterol lowering drugs.