New garden products website launched for UK market

A brand new website has just been launched in time for the Spring rush as people catch up with all their garden maintenance and improvements. The new website aptly called brings a wide range of traditional and innovative garden products to the market at highly competitive prices.

After exceptionally poor weather over the past two years, there's no doubt that garden timber products in particular have taken a considerable battering. With promising weather seeming more likely this year, British Gardener is offering an outstanding range of market leading timber products, with everything from replacement fencing panels and posts, to gazebos, garden sheds, grow you own planters, trellis, garden storage, greenhouses and much more.

In addition, the website also features the British Gardener's own brand 'WaterWise Products' - a range of maintenance products for ponds, lakes and aquariums, which have proved extremely successful over the past six years and now an established product brand in its own right. The WaterWise range of microbial freeze dried bacterial cultures are used to effectively eliminate blanket weed and green algae from ponds, lakes and aquariums. New products recently launched include 'Waterwise FountainClear' culture, an additive that keeps water in your fountain perfectly crystal clear which is organic and completely harmless to all animals and plants.

With a huge rise in the 'Grow Your Own' market over the past three years, the website features an exceptional range of planters, veggiebeds and more, all from the UK's leading manufacturers at price points that will appeal to the most discerning or budget gardener. Composting is also a hugely growing market and in addition to the 'WaterWise Compost Activator' to speed up the process, the website offers a range of timber composting enclosures at highly competitive prices.

Thousands of products are on the agenda to be added to the existing range in the coming weeks and has ambitious plans to expand its 10,000 square ft warehouse shortly and aims to become one of the leading online shops in the UK.