Bird watching and other nature observations

Bird watching and other nature observationsExtraordinary Victorian ornithological lithographs from the Smithsonian collection decorate this nature lover’s journal. Light prompts invite readers to record impressions and sightings with snippets of birding lore scattered throughout. This is a journal rife with tips for casual and beginner birding and nature enthusiasts.

Extensive back-matter section includes notes about how to hone observation skills; top 20 lists; anatomy of birds, nests and trees; additional resources and more. This journal will resonate to nature lovers and amateur naturalists just as much as bird watchers.

Nests & Eggs Notecards
£10.99 Published by: Princeton Architectural Press (Out now)

Inspired by John James Audubon’s Birds of America paintings, these nineteenth-century lithographs capture the extraordinary detail and beauty of nests and eggs. This stunning collection of notecards features the carefully crafted nests, expressions of the birds who build them, and the often colourful and speckled eggs they protect.

JOURNAL £12.99
Published by: Princeton Architectural Press (Out now)