Historical Cartoons at Ashby Museum by Di Lorriman

Historical Cartoons at Ashby Museum by Di LorrimanWatch out next time you’re in a coffee shop. Di Lorriman may be just over the way surreptitiously drawing you! Everyone is fair game: a hoodie on the phone; a child leaning on mum; a chap waiting for his coffee; a group deciding what to choose; or a nun at an outdoor tea and concert.

Or perhaps you like to listen to musicians jamming in the local pub? Whether you are a music maker or music lover you’re not safe there either! Some people relax with the TV or a good book but as Di’s ever growing pile of sketchbooks shows – Di’s relaxation is in drawing.

It's not only drawing either. Over the last three years Di has been busy illustrating a series of children’s historical cartoons for Ashby de la Zouch Museum which forms a pictorial timeline of A2 posters from the Iron Age through to the Ashby Show of today.

Historical Cartoons at Ashby Museum by Di Lorriman
Di is committed to including everyone in her illustrations, proactively including children and adults with learning difficulties, and also British Sign Language. She hopes this will be thought provoking for all who view her illustrations, highlighting the need to reflect the diverse society of the present, as well as the past.

This example shows Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and includes children in the picture finger spelling 'jubilee'. Although Victorian children would probably not have done this in reality, Di hopes that today's signing children will be encouraged and delighted to recognise skills they use in everyday life depicted in characters from the past.

Anyway keep your eyes peeled. Di blends easily into the background when she is people-watching...

For more information check out the website:www.ashbydelazouchmuseum.org.uk/cartoons.html