Our special GEMS help chemo patients

Our special GEMS help chemo patientsKind hearted Sally & Peter Anderson of Kibworth formed a charity in 2012 called GEMS, the name created by the initials of 4 very special friends of theirs who had cancer at a similar time. Two of the four have sadly since passed away.

They decided to raise funds to make the chemotherapy suite at the Leicester Royal Infirmary more comfortable for users and have already provided new window binds to improve the environment.

To date with their hard working committee members, friends and business associates they have already raised an amazing £13,700!

This funding has been used to provide 3 electronically controlled therapy chairs for patients on chemotherapy. Due to the advancement of treatments many patients need to be seated for even longer periods and the chairs can be fully controlled by the user for optimum comfort as well as reducing the risk of bed sores. They are also fully height adjustable so staff will have less risk of injury.

Close friend and Trustee, Meg Cook first had cancer in 1978 and was diagnosed again with breast cancer 6 years ago. Part of her treatment included long stints in the chemo suite. She says "comfortable chairs like these would have helped with relaxing me whilst having the intrusive treatment. I became a trustee of GEMS charity to try and make patients treatment time bearable and to improve the environment of the chemo suite"

Sally, Peter and Meg all came in to visit the unit on Wednesday 24th July to see the chairs with Clinical Director of Cancer services Nicky Rudd. Dr Rudd said “We are delighted with these chairs which are already in use and have been particularly helpful for patients who are uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Many thanks to GEMS and the Andersons for this very generous donation”

GEMS charity website - www.gemscharity.com

Pictured from left to right are Peter Anderson, Dr Nicky Rudd, Meg Cook, Sally Anderson and Chemo Suite Senior Sister Lorraine Granger (seated)