Finding My Feet

Finding My FeetFor someone who never kept still and who was living her dream, facing a lifetime of paralysis seemed impossible for Claire Lomas to deal with.

A split second accident shattered Claire’s life when, in 2007, her horse hit a tree leaving her with a catastrophic spinal cord injury. The future looked unendingly bleak.

But Claire has since gone on to write her autobiography, Finding my Feet. Honest and captivating, she explains in her book the agonising pain and dark days when she had to learn to cope with paralysis and simply getting out of bed was a huge challenge.

In the years since, Claire has turned her life around. She has raised thousands of pounds to aid research into a cure for paralysis by taking up challenges many able-bodied people would find difficult. To record her achievements she has written Finding My Feet, the heartbreaking, funny, courageous and enthralling story of her life.

Claire, once a talented event rider and chiropractor, describes how she gradually rebuilt her life physically and emotionally. A four-year relationship broke down and Claire felt at rock bottom. It took a great amount of strength to pick herself up, but she went on to meet and marry Dan Spincer, gave birth to daughter Maisie, learn to ski and set up a business. Claire made headlines worldwide when she walked the 2012 London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit. It took 17 gruelling days. Eager to keep fundraising, in 2013 she hand cycled 400 miles around parts of the UK, stopping at schools to deliver talks to motivate the next generation.

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