When it rains it pours... but we have to be thankful for the safety of this fine county

As I write this, the sun is coming through the window and we are keeping our fingers crossed that spring may have finally arrived and we can salvage some of our crops, but at the back of my mind is still all the farmers that have been hit really badly by this year’s horrendous and very strange winter.

When it rains it pours... but we have to be thankful for the safety of this fine county
Although, we all like to have a moan about the weather and a farmer is never happy as it is always too wet or too dry, I can’t help but think we have been so lucky in the Midlands, even though a huge number of us will have acres of ruined crops, our ground will dry relatively quickly. We may be able to recoup some of our losses, but for those that have been under water for months it won’t be as easy.

As many other farmers have done, we have put aside fodder to be stored and sent down to those that need it later in the year – as this problem will not just affect people when the water can be seen. This will have a long term effect as there will be no feed or grass for grazing and it could take up to a year before normal farming can resume.

As with all devastation it is very easy to forget the effects when the news is no longer reporting on this. Once the sun comes out we will all go back to our day to day lives, however The Quorn Hunt wrote to all members asking for donations of fodder for the farms in the South West, so we can all help to

keep the dairy farmers milking, beef cattle grazing and the farmers from drowning. We have over 300 bales set aside to be sent down- as and when it is needed to help, if anyone else wants to help along with members and supporters who are also being asked to make cash donations to help cover the costs of sending lorries from Leicestershire to Somerset. (It is not just Quorn - The Belvoir, Cottesmore and NFU are also supporting this cause).

When it rains it pours... but we have to be thankful for the safety of this fine countyAll this devastation does remind me of how much we are now relying on diversification. The shop, feed shed and now Café are a great way of keeping my mind off the weather and with the renovated milking parlour and different meetings and events taking place – such as a murder mystery party and vintage tea party, I am very glad we used the winter wisely for a bit of renovation work!

Well no rest for me, as I finish my mocha in my new Roots mug I best get back to making more tables for the Parlour and stop my mum and wife getting too carried away with a list of jobs and future ideas for me!

Have a great Easter! To celebrate how Egg-cited we are about Easter we will be offering omelettes in the café, as well as bacon rolls on Saturday Mornings – although no link to Easter there you just can’t beat a bit of bacon!

See you soon at Roots
George x