The Toolbox for Happiness, with the Controversial Truth

Searingly Honest Guide Offers Practical Help to People Battling Developmental Disorders

The Toolbox for Happiness, with the Controversial TruthThe Toolbox for Happiness, with the Controversial Truth is designed to help people with developmental disorders such as autism, Asperger’s and ADHD to help themselves, although some may also find it helps them to understand the behaviour of family members, colleagues and friends.

It provides a ‘toolbox’ from which readers can select the tools that are appropriate to them personally, and aims to provide a key to peace, happiness and understanding within personal relationships, friendships and life in general.

Beginning with society’s perception of the problem, it covers areas such as social understanding, emotional ability, anxiety, communication, behaviour, medication and sexuality.

“I am a 48-year-old man,” says the author, “and at the age of 45 I decided to embark on a journey of true self-discovery as to why I had so many failings within all relationships. I realised by self-learning that I was, always had been, and always will be ADHD and I sought a professional diagnosis which confirmed my suspicions, I was also placed on medication, which has helped greatly. Just because I am ADHD and a lot of my personal issues are a direct result of this, it is important to remember that some of my issues may be a result of other things, purely because of my personal interactions and journey of life.

“Although some of my opinions and findings are somewhat controversial, I believe if you investigate them truthfully you may draw many parallels yourself, and make adjustments in your own thinking and behaviour for the better.

“Finally bear in mind that if you are in a relationship for any reasonable length of time, then I would recommend that both people in the relationship investigate themselves, regardless of what you think or believe. Good luck and enjoy, remember it's actually OK to be happy.”

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