New Innovation Set To Make Sandbags Obsolete

Billed as the most important development in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag, – the Hydrosack and Hydrosnake – create a highly efficient barrier to floodwater in residential and commercial properties.

Once in contact with water, the products quickly expand and absorb up to 20 litres of liquid in around 3 minutes. Less than 10 per cent of the weight of a sandbag and much easier to store, once the Hydrosack and Hydrosnake absorb the water, they gain the weight of a sand bag. The internal components then crystalise and retain their weight for up to six months.

New Innovation Set To Make Sandbags Obsolete
However, unlike sandbags – which are difficult to dispose and incur serious costs when clearing away – the Hydrosack and Hydrosnake products can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Manufactured using pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP), both products can be disposed of by simply slitting the exterior and releasing the contents into the earth.

During times of extreme flooding, the spread of infectious diseases is often exacerbated by sandbags accumulating sewage-polluted water within them. However, the Hydrosack and Hydrosnake products – once inflated in water for three minutes – resist leakage and therefore prevent the spread of infectious diseases through the floodwater.

Now stocked in large retail outlets – including B&Q, Homebase, Screwfix and The Range – the Hydro products are ideal for domestic protection, warehouse and garage entrances, as well as safeguarding machinery. They are simple to store and can be stacked easily, allowing consumers to buy in bulk for times of flooding.

David Sallon, inventor of both the Hydro products, said:

“With the latest inclement weather, we really feel for the people who are losing their homes and belongings to this severe flooding. Distressingly, we can see that sand-bags are not helping in these extreme cases. Consumer sales of our products are increasing, but we’ve been very disappointed by the response of councils throughout the UK, who only seem to be prepared to deal with the aftermath of the floods rather than prevention; particularly where domestic properties are in danger.

“Sandbags are invariably issued after the floods occur due to the difficulty in filling and distributing them. By the time they are filled and delivered, it’s normally too late. It’s therefore up to the consumers to protect their homes if they’re at risk of flooding.

“Our factory is currently working flat out to meet our consumer need and to help those who are in the unfortunate position of being in flood-prone areas.”

The Hydrosacks and Hydrosnakes are available to buy in store and online. The Hydrosacks have handles for easy movement, especially in emergency conditions.

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