The Badgers Will Dance by PC Delaney

The Badgers Will Dance by PC DelaneyRemarkable Debut Novel Chronicles the Fall of a Disadvantaged Child and the Rebirth of a Proud Man

From the colourful hardships of 1950s Ireland to the secure drudgery of modern England, this is a bittersweet tale of one man’s descent into alcoholism and his desperate determination to claw his way back. Full of colour and character, its author has been described as “a natural born storyteller”.

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Jeremiah Delaney always told his children they should do three things before they died: become a parent, plant a tree and write a book. His youngest son Peter managed the first easily enough, but having left school at 13 the odds against his following his dad’s final advice looked pretty long. Until now, that is. Because Peter Delaney

has now written his first novel, a tale of hardship and hope, despair and delight, gripping, gritty and ultimately glorious. Told largely in flashback, it demonstrates that its author is a natural master of storytelling technique, and is living proof that if you are going to write a life-affirming novel, you need to have known life first.

All Peter needs now is space to plant that tree.

The Badgers Will Dance by PC Delaney is the engrossing and moving story of Milo and his eye-blinkingly quick tempered friend Charley who would fight at the drop of a hat...of the good looking and peace loving Con who wouldn’t say boo to a goose... of the enchanting and tantalizing Maria who awakens him to rapturous joy, sorrow and pain...of the bullied and downtrodden little Tim as they plot to protect him from his drunken and heartless father... and of many more colourful and shady characters as they go to school, learn to grow up and survive on the tough corporation housing estate known as ‘The Reservation’ in 1950s Ireland.

It is a story of love and unconditional friendship...a story of corruption, physical and sexual abuse, bullying, deceit, betrayal, and revenge that leads to a long and painful fall from grace, a story of family breakdown and the reality of heartbreaking and feared emigration.

It is a story of hopeful reconciliation with friends and family as Milo, having fallen so far, desperately struggles to fight and claw his way out of the dark and doom-afflicted dungeon he finds himself in and from which ways of escape are few.