Leicester Charnwood Lions Club 40th Anniversary Dinner - 40 years of making a difference

Leicester Charnwood Lions Club was set up in 1974 by their long serving members of long serving members of the Lions Clubs of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi who had newly arrived in Leicester. As active Lions of many years’ standing, they were eager and raring to continue extending Lionism, but the only existing Lions Cub in Leicester lacked the propensity to absorb them. Undeterred, the new comers set about to form another Lions Club in the City with the like-minded professionals from local community. The first elected President was Lion Madat Ahmed, who 40 years on, is still an active & valuable member of the Club.

Leicester Charnwood Lions Club 40th Anniversary Dinner - 40 years of making a difference
With the invaluable past Lionistic experience of several members, and the zeal and dedication of one and all, the Club activities took a flying start, and the momentum has been maintained all the way over the last 40 years.

Personal involvement of members has always been at the forefront of our Club, and thus enabling us to provide service to the Local Communities on a regular basis, as well as conducting varied Fund Raising activities, the benefits of which are availed to various worthy causes, both nationally and internationally by the way of cash donations and purchase of the much needed items of special equipment for local hospitals and special need schools. Not forgetting other countries which benefit from our annual donations towards number of “eye camps” and “water wells”, plus contributions to some world disasters. In this, we owe gratitude for the generosity of our kind hearted citizens of Leicestershire, without whose co-operation, our fund raising efforts could not have been enabled us to dispense in excess of £500,000 over the years.

Leicester Charnwood Lions Club’s future looks very promising, as very capable new members have come in to the Club in recent years and are participating enthusiastically in all aspects of the Club’s activities under the guidance of experienced members. As far as Leicester Charnwood Lions Club is concerned, the Lions motto of “WE SERVE” is sure to continue for many more years to come.

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