Your Chair is Killing You!

A study in Britain by researchers found that if people walked or cycled for an extra 26 minutes per day it could decrease the risk of contracting diabetes, dementia and heart disease. Another study in San Francisco found that the average person only walked for 4 minutes a day, if this was increased by 18 minutes there would be a potential 13% reduction in premature deaths, which translates into 2,404 avoidable deaths per year.

A study has found that people who sit down for more than 10 hours a day and don't exercise have almost double the risk of dying sooner than those with an active lifestyle. Therefore, those who sat down for more than 10 hours a day had almost double the chance of dying than those who only sat down for four hours a day.

This could rank among the greatest health advances in modern history. So what's stopping you getting up? All activity accounts from gardening and putting the rubbish out, and even standing up occasionally is better than doing nothing.

Your Chair is Killing You!But what about our children, who seem to be getting more obese? Some schools do a good job getting kids moving. But at others, many students spend most of their time sitting. At their desks, in front of computers, taking tests, sitting in schools where PE and playtime have been restricted. Even in some pre schools, most children sit in the classroom for most of the day — and even when they go outside, more than half of their activities remain sedentary. Then they’re driven home sitting to be sat in front of the TV when at home.

I know most of us have desk jobs or even driving for a living, chairs are everywhere, cafes airports, train stations, pubs beaches the list is endless. You need to be aware that sitting is the new smoking, and in fact it’s even more deadly. It’s a silent killer. The only way to avoid this sitting disease is to educate yourself and take preventative actions.

Try standing at your desk whilst on the telephone, hold walk and talk meetings, stand at your computer instead of sitting, take music to work and encourage yourself to take a stroll at break times and lunch. So try something different, get moving, get active and win the war against chairs!