War Medic Hero

War Medic HeroA Portrait of Sergeant Pierre Naya, Military Medal RAMC By Michael Naya

The true story of two brothers in the Royal Army Medical Corps, War Medic Hero is younger brother Michael’s tribute to his older sibling, Pierre; a hero of the Falklands War who served on the ill-fated ship Sir Galahad.

Part memoir, the book is largely a tribute to his brother, Pierre, who was posted on board the doomed Sir Galahad during the Falklands Conflict. In a year where we are acknowledging the cente-nary of WW1 and the 70th anniversary of D-Day the accounts of war heroes have special resonance and deeply moving letters from Pierre sent back home are also featured in the book.

An extract from the book:

“This massive orange fireball started the devastation. It burnt blokes, it killed blokes. Everywhere there was the screaming of men in agony, pain, shock, fear, panic. It all happened in seconds.”

In War Medic Hero Michael Naya melds family history with a riveting account of his brother’s heroism during the Falklands conflict. Describing the shocking bombing of the ship and his brother’s heroic actions, for which he was later awarded the Military Medal, the horrific memories of watching his comrades burning to death on the doomed ship took their toll...

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