Are You Uncomfortable in Your Underwear? The Right Foundation Makes All The Difference

Whether you are a size 2 or 22 we all have parts of our body we don't particularly like - a slight curve across our tummies, bulges on the bra or hips. Whatever it is we don't like seeing it in the mirror! Curves come at a price, but foundation garments can cover up a multitude of sins (and we are not talking Bridgette Jones knickers!) they are all geared toward giving you the figure you always wanted. They smooth a little here, tuck a little there, and make you feel like a million dollars.

OK so they can't hide every flaw, but there are some tricks to buying the right garments for your personal figure. Known today as ‘shape wear,’ these garments include items like body briefs, bodysuits, bras, control tights and panties, corsets, garter belts, and girdles.

Visit your local lingerie boutique for the best advice on what type of ‘shape wear’ would be best at disguising those troublesome areas.

Get into the habit of checking your underwear on a regular basis and replace underwear that's discoloured, has tired or over-stretched elastic, or simply no longer fits. Have underwear for everyday wear, but don't forget to ensure you have suitable underwear for those special occasion outfits too.

Studies reveal that around a staggering 80% of us ladies are wearing an incorrect bra. You are most likely wearing an incorrect bra size if...

• If the centre of your bra does not lie flat on your chest - this means the cup size is too small.

• If you are spilling out at the sides of your bra too small - this
means the cup size is too small.

• If the under wire cuts into your breast tissue - the cup size is
too small, the wire should sit outside and under your bust
If there's a wrinkle in the cup nipple - either your breast
doesn't fit into the cup or your breast doesn't fill the cup.

• If there's a wrinkle in the cup or the cup is loose -then the cup
size is too large.

• If you have a bulge of fat above or below the band at the back
then the cup size could be wrong or your band size is wrong
or may need adjusting.

• If your bra rides up at the back - the cup size is too small or
the straps are too tight.

• If straps leave red marks on your shoulders - the cup size is
wrong, your band size is too big and leaving the straps to do
too much support, the straps straps may be too thin, or your
bra needs adjusting.

• If your bust spills over the top of your bra - the cup size is too
too small

• If your bra pinches - the band size is too small or needs

Our best advice - visit a professional bra fitter.