Farmers Be Vigilant Read the Small Print!

Are you invested in Monsanto stock like Bill Gates, who owns hundreds of thousand of Monsanto shares worth about $23 million? It might be time to cut your losses since the company just reported over $156 million in losses for the fourth quarter.

In the last two years, Monsanto has reported huge losses, if this trend continues, and it should, if we continue the good fight, then we can all hope to see the GMO Empire crumble in due time.

Farmers Be Vigilant Read the Small Print!
The news comes as Monsanto continues to spend millions in attempts to stop GMO labeling campaigns, funding opposition groups and ensuring that we don’t know what’s in our food. After all, there’s a reason that 96% of Monsanto shareholders absolutely do not want GMO labeling legislation to pass within the US as it could hurt business.

It’s a tough time for biotech, and thank goodness. Monsanto’s losses were attributed to farmers in major agricultural zones favouring soy over GMO corn because of falling crop prices – largely caused by Syngenta’s release of MIR162 corn, which has been completely refused by Chinese officials repeatedly – which have depressed both local and foreign corn bushel prices.

Syngenta AG is a global Swiss agribusiness that markets seeds and agrochemicals. Syngenta is involved in biotechnology and genomic research. The company was ranked third in total seeds and biotechnology sales in 2009 in the commercial market. Sales in 2013 were approximately US $14.7 billion. Syngenta employs over 28,000 people in over 90 countries.

Syngenta also just happens to be the company that has covered up the true toxicity of Atrazine, and the company has been sued in six different states to clean up more than 1,000 water systems in six states where the herbicide has been found polluting rivers, streams, and lakes.

Soybeans sales are still around $200 million, doubled from previous years, but they account for a much lower market share than GMO corn products which Monsanto sells and promotes for use with their toxic herbicide, RoundUp.

While it would have been nice to take down Monsanto for different reasons, it seems the company’s partner in crime, Syngenta, is doing the work of dismantling the GMO products too.

As information continues to spread on key issues like the prevalence of toxic substances within fast food meals and the reality behind GMOs and their secrecy, there is no doubt that these two companies (and many others) will experience the economic backlash. Will they change in order to meet the new economic shift? It's doubtful!

Remember, Monsanto gave us Agent Orange and promised us this chemical was safe, yet decades on children are still being born with horrendous birth defects. Safe to use was it? Liar Liar pants on fire!! So do you trust them again to give you 'safe' GM food?

Continue raising awareness and purchase non-GMO foods from your local butchers and farm shops.