Curve Hosts 1st Women In Philanthropy Awards

Working with Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, Women in Philanthropy is led by women from across the area, to support lesser known local charities which, in the current climate, are in danger of struggling to carry out the essential work they do.

“WIP is different from the usual fundraiser,” says Caroline Trace, one of the WiP steering group leaders. “It’s building a sustainable fund for local charities, rather than a one-off event for one charity. The local charities WIP supports are not household names, but together they quietly help to make our city and counties a better place to live and work in.”

Curve Hosts 1st Women In Philanthropy Awards

Women In Philanthropy members are from law, academia, science, arts and businesses, as well as those who work at or in the home. Each WIP member contributes £500. £250 of each £500 is invested for future income for local charities, and this year that will be matched with government money to make it £375.

At the Awards lunch, each member decides how her remaining £250 will be distributed across the year’s three charities; this year Rape Crisis, Rutland Family Centre and Twenty Twenty.

Next year three different local charities will be selected, to give others a chance in the spotlight.The WIP Fund is managed by Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, a registered charity which enables and encourages tax efficient local private giving, setting and managing private charitable funds, individuals, families, and companies.

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