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Waiting for a Voice:

Waiting for a Voice: Mother’s New Book, Hailed “Hugely Informative”, Provides Rare Guide to Coping with Verbal Dyspraxia

Mother’s New Book, Hailed “Hugely Informative”, Provides Rare Guide to Coping with Verbal Dyspraxia.

Waiting for a Voice - The Parent’s Guide to Coping with Verbal Dyspraxia is a practical resource for parents who have a child with this neurological condition. Verbal Dyspraxia is a specific, severe speech disorder found in children which prevents the brain from getting the correct messages to the muscles in and around the mouth, which in turn affects the ability to make intelligible speech.

The outcome can be traumatic for the child and the parents and involves trying to get effective support from the NHS, establishing what therapy the child needs and implementing coping strategies to ensure that the child can have as normal a childhood as possible.

“When my son was diagnosed, the medical world did have somewhat of a plan, but what really made it difficult was coping with the wider setbacks Verbal Dyspraxia would seep into all areas of life,” explains Walker. “From getting my son’s school to understand his condition and make allowances for it, through to figuring out how we could constantly help him out at home, we were pretty much left to figure it out for ourselves.”

Continuing, “I know the pain others are facing, so saw it as my duty to compile a guide for both parents and professionals that contains what worked for us.”

Kindle Edition from Straightforward Publishing, is available now:
File Size: 171kb - Print Length: 160 Pages - ASIN: B00SYWK128